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These are the usage terms of service applicable to customers of free PA IPv6 space (either independently or with an ASN product). These are also applicable to rented IPv4 space.

As IP space is sub-delegated this list is mainly symbolic as most abuse will be sent to your mailbox and legal investigations will end up on your back.

The time table on the left tells you how often (number of tries, first field) and how long (timeframe, second field) we contact you before reverting the subnet to our own RIPE data and contacting your datacenter/upstream to nullroute it (or block the announcement). Immediately following this we will announce the network as /48s until you contact us to prevent the announce/abuse on other upstreams. We do not listen on any ports in this time and do not record any traffic.

We reserve the right to charge you up to 75EUR for reactivation after heavy abuse to cover our time invested to investigate/disable/prevent it. For ASN customers the first case is free.

In general we do NOT require removal of blacklist entries of space smaller than your allocation (as it is, currently, not reused), we however DO require you to cease all activity related to it.

We require a reply to ANY abuse mail forwarded by us.

Everything not listed here is allowed by us if your local laws deem it legal.


Any email sent from your IP space is required to be double opt-in with log of second opt-in (IP address) - If you fail to provide this log we will remove your allocation.

2x | 1 week | Spamhaus listing for actual spam sourcing from the IP space
3x | 1 week | Spamhaus listing for spamvertised websites pointing to IP space
6x | 2 weeks | Blog/Forum spam
6x | 2 weeks | Jabber/ICQ/similar spam

Illegal pornography

We do NOT require any (user) age verification for porn sites or services and no actor verification either - Drawn pornography is allowed regardless of age if legal by your country. In Austria any pornography with “actors” less than 18 years of age is considered child pornography and is consequently forbidden.

1x | 1 day | Verified child pornography

Botnets/Hacked devices

We do not allow any bot networks comprised of hacked devices on our space. In general we disallow any usage where the enduser did not intend to access your IP space (virus, backdoor etc.). This is intentionally worded vaguely to allow us to adapt when required.

2x | 3 days | Botnet C&C

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