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All customer data is subject to Austrian data protection laws (which are stricter than EU regulations and much stricter than US ones):

While we are now based in Kosovo we still apply the same Austrian/EU data protection laws with the exclusion of some GDPR parts.

Personal data is hereby defined as:

* Billing name, address, email, phone and payment data (Source bank account/owner, PayPal owner and similar)

* Customer account data that is not published public in the RIPE database

* IP address at sign-up and support/sales enquiries via the website(s)

* Content of emails sent between us

* IDs/Passports and other documents (registration papers, end user agreements) submitted to us (see on bottom of this page)

In simple terms, what we WILL do with your personal data:

* Store it permanently in a database secured by common procedures. We use Google Mail for emails which complies with GDPR.

* Store invoices that contain customer data (Name, Country) as required by local accounting laws

* Store a list of what prefixes are assigned to what users, similar to RIPEs interface

* Use it internally as required to forward abuse

* Use it for requested assignments/allocations at our partner ISPs (ASNs, PI IP)

* Send you no more than 1 commercial offer per year from our or a company at least 25% owned by us, or one of our sponsors

And what we WILL NOT do with it:

* Sell or give it to other companies, including sponsors (emails will be sent directly by us).

* Publish it (*1)

Webserver logs include full user IP addresses (EU law/GDPR does not apply in Kosovo) and are not sent to any external service for analysis. We do not use any external (or at this time also internal) analytics tools or trackers but reserve the right to use GDPR compliant ones (external) or any we wish to (internal) in the future.

We set one session cookie when you visit IP6.IM which contains no data at all.

If we get served an Kosovarian court order we will in rare cases comply with it and provide the data we have - as required by Kosovarian law (sorry). If we doubt the validity of the claim/order we will challenge it on behalf of the customer afterwards, this service is free but comes with no guarantees. If possible we inform the customer of the orders existence and/or forward the order itself (most likely in Albanian, we do not provide translations).

As Kosovo barely has a working government and is overall very corrupt we never faced any issues since 2015. We are well connected in local business and politics and can avoid many issues before any court is even involved. Internet related laws do in practice not exist at all at this time (2022).

We do not reply with any data to court orders or police requests from any other country than Kosovo (we will however, of course, reply if the order is re-certified by a Kosovo based court or let them know them know this is required to get data). We are not liable to damages caused by police operations later defined as illegal by a Kosovarian or other court.

*1 = In case of emails sent to us and/or usage of the contact form (but not for order notes) this only applies after we replied (so we can report spam mostly).

Further terms related to identity verification documents and contracts:

Please see here for encryption guide and how to obtain secure access for document submittal:

We can only guarantee secure handling of documents from our side - As we have to transfer it to the RIR we cannot guarantee their handling. We cannot guarantee security of your transmission provider (ISP) or mail provider either. We implement modern SSL for our websites and keep to not using any server side code to avoid exploit possibilities.

RIPE provides a link for the end-user to upload IDs so we have no access to them at all and do not require them anymore. In case of a corporate ASN registration we still require incorporation papers to be sent to us.

In other regions we communicate with the RIR staff directly by email and attach the ID documents in the final step.

We do keep copies of the contractual agreement (“End user agreement”).

RIPE is “incorporated” in the Netherlands, Dutch law applies albeit in limited form.

AFRINIC is incorporated in Mauritius, LACNIC is incorporated in Uruguay, ARIN is incorporated in the United States (with special status) and APNIC is incorporated in Australia - Thus if you obtain services from us inside this regions and/or supplied by this RIRs your data as required by them (name, company name, address, phone, email, depending on request ID and/or contracts) is supplied to them and subject to their policies which can be obtained on their websites.

It is possible for Dutch and by extension EU law enforcement to retrieve IDs/contracts from RIPE. It is likely possible for local law enforcement to obtain IDs and contracts in their respective RIR incorporation countries (US, Australia, Mauritius, Uruguay).

RIPE only: Our own LIR(s), LIR(s) we control a majority of and partner LIRs may be located outside EU, in this case the End User Agreement might be uploaded from a non-EU location to RIPE. As we do not require IDs for RIPE anymore and their used service is based inside EU IDs do not leave the Union.

UK residents/companies only: As UK left the EU documents will traverse into the union. We cannot guarantee that we comply with applicable UK laws, same as for any other non-EU country. We do not accept any liability for violating UK laws.

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