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You can also request IPv6 space and ASNs at IP6.IM without providing handles - however, creating them yourself is more secure (as we don't have/see the password then) and enables us to provide a faster service (as we just paste the handles into our management backend and don't have to create them via the RIPE API).

To create new handles please navigate to this interface provided directly by RIPE:

RIPE Webupdates startup form

The required data is mainly self explanatory - You can/probably should leave the “NIC hdl” field empty and enter the desired maintainer name where asked (usual format is for example WILLIAM-MNT or COMPANY-MNT).

Please use a secure password, you can read more about this here or just generate a secure password (local by JS, never sent to server) here.

- Screenshot with example data

After submitting RIPE will instantly display you your new PERSON handle and on conjunction with your MAINTAINER you can use this to request IPv4/6 space/ASNs or have RIPE IP space sub-delegated to your own whois data by someone else.

- Screenshot of completed creation (TEST should be RIPE in your output)

RIPE reserves the right to delete unused (= not referenced in any object) MNT/PERSON objects after some time, if this happens (very rare) the handle is again free and can be re-registered.

Maintainer password reset is complicated and requires a long time to be processed - Please make sure to store the password safely.

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