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PI (Provider Independent) IP space is assigned directly by RIPE to the end-user - We offer this service at 120EUR one-time and 75EUR recurring cost. Please inquire at if interested.

RIPE currently assigns PI to anyone for usage within the RIPE region (no company/residence inside RIPE region required) - You will likely not be able to justify any PI larger than /46.

PI has several advantages to PA, to name some:

* Owned by end-user, cannot be revoked/changed by LIR

* Can be moved to other LIR without any cooperation of the old LIR

As with everything it also has disadvantages:

* Cannot sub-delegate/assign inside PI

* Cannot change netname/descr without contacting RIPE

* Usually small (up to /46)

* Very strict justification verification

* Hard to move to new company/owner (requires forms)

* Harder to register due to document requirements (see below)

* Yearly recurring costs to RIPE/LIR

Requesting PI makes sense if you need higher security and want to own your space.

Please make sure to read this terms/general info beforehand:

Export restrictions/Embargoes

ToS for PI assignments

Impress and company details

After this please read how to create your own RIPE handles if you don't have any already:

Create handles

For a successful PI request we need the following data:

* RIPE handles or Address/Phone/eMail

* Abuse mailbox

* Copy of company certificate OR passport/ID card of the requesting party

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