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We assign up to a /43 (32 /48) for free to any requesting user/company. ASN customers qualify automatically for up to a /39.

This network is sub delegated to your RIPE handles (status ALLOCATED-BY-LIR) so you can create smaller networks (/56, /64, anything up to /128) with RIPE handles other than your own (customer for example).

Here is a guide for this.

Please make sure to read this terms/general info beforehand:

Export restrictions/Embargoes

ToS for PA allocations

Impress and company details

After this please read how to create your own RIPE handles if you don't have any already:

Create handles

For a successful request we need the following data:

* RIPE handles or Address/Phone/eMail

* Abuse mailbox

Congratulations, you can now start a new request here (if you have RIPE handles enter them instead of the address):

Request IPv6 subnet on

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