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RIPE ASNs are assigned directly to the end-user - We offer this service at 90EUR one-time for normal customers and 80EUR for students, this discount is also applicable if you currently attend CCNA (or similar) program by a (larger) company/vendor.

ASN registration takes between 7 and 14 days (usually 5-10) and is a straightforward process, we only need to know your upstreams as we assign you a v6 prefix.

ASNs can be used worldwide but require a RIPE region presence, i.e. a small VPS with a /48 announced. We can arrange and manage this cheaply or you can use for example Vultr.

Each ASN includes up to a /39 free IPv6 space.

Please make sure to read this terms/general info beforehand:

Export restrictions/Embargoes

ToS for PI assignments (also applies to ASNs)

Impress and company details

After this please read how to create your own RIPE handles if you don't have any already:

Create handles

For a successful ASN request we need the following data:

* RIPE handles (Person, MNT, ORG) or Address/Phone/eMail

* Abuse mailbox or Abuse-C handle

* Copy of company certificate (if any)

* We do not need IDs/Passports anymore as RIPE will send you link to upload/verify.

* List of upstreams (not less than 2) and their contact information (email) (Vultr and HE/Tunnelbroker work well)

If interested please email to start the process.

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