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This page describes the transfer of documents required for some services to our systems and focuses on security aspects relevant to most users - namely securing the connection by SSL.

If you are interested (you should be) you can use GPG to encrypt all communication including attachments/uploaded files and/or encrypt them via truecrypt/dm-crypt - more information here in “Encrypt Communication”.

Please see the privacy policy for more information on the legal side.

To submit documents (ID, contracts, registration papers etc.) required for registration services you can use one of the following methods (in order of our preference):

Web form

Please obtain the link to our SSL secured upload form from support or sales. You can of course also upload encrypted files there.


You can obtain a SSL secured FTP account by email from support (support \A\T


You can send both encrypted and unencrypted (not recommended) documents to support \A\T or your account manager/support staff.

File hosters/Image hosters

If you have an encrypted file you can store it for us on any file host of your choice. We do absolutely not recommend using public file/image hosting sites to host unencrypted documents.

Postal mail

If you want ultimate security we can accept a USB connected device (stick, HDD, (micro)SD cards) (no CDs/DVDs) from you and export the document(s) from it (dm-crypt, gpg or truecrypt encrypted) in a virtual machine. We do not return the USB device. We can also accept copies of original documents by mail, though be aware that this could be opened and copied rather easily.

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