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All communication with us can be encrypted by usage of PGP/GPG - This applies to emails and files. We try to encrypt communication with vendors/RIRs/partners/staff as well if feasible.

To learn more about configuration/usage of GPG/PGP you can visit this - external - websites:

OSX with Apple mail Linux (Ubuntu/Debian, applicable to most) Linux, Gentoo/similar (detailed) Windows

You can encrypt your files with this public key (E4FA 27CC 8F8F 3A70 64BA F33E 54CE 4480 6C7C 4DEF): | |

This key is also added as PKA DNS TXT for various email addresses (support, william and external abuse \A$T, both give you URI hosted on a HTTPS secured server under own domain) so you can add it easily like this to your local storage:

gpg –auto-key-locate pka -ea -r

This is the SHA1 signature of the SSL certificate used on “” which hosts the file:

F3 5F 52 8F 7B B9 39 28 AE 9C B0 F7 D9 8E 47 51 E5 68 D0 24

This domains (“”) SSL SHA1 signature can be found for verification here:

E6 FF 67 CB 73 EA 0C 37 6A 74 26 FC A6 04 F4 4A 46 75 19 23

You can also encrypt files with truecrypt/dm-crypt and send us the password/keyfile via email or other methods listed here.

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