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Our autonomous system (AS) has an open network peering policy.

We offer peering both through internet exchanges and by private links (VLAN over IX or Point to Point Ethernet).

By participating in internet exchanges, we can reach a wider network of peers and improve our overall network performance with automatic connection of new peers via routeservers.

Private peering allows for a more direct and customized connection with specific peers, further improving network performance and reducing latency. This is available in 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G, optical only.

Our policy is based on openness, transparency, equality, and responsiveness. We are open to peering with any AS that is interested in exchanging traffic and will respond to peering requests in a timely manner and accept any routes sent via routeservers automatically.

All peer ASes are treated equally, with no discrimination based on size, network location, or any other factor unless limited by law (eg. UN sanctions).

By adopting an open network peering policy, we aim to contribute to the overall health and stability of the Internet, adding redundant routes and avoiding transit costs.


- Public ASN

- PeeringDB entry (Ours:

- Minimum /48 IPv6 or /24 IPv4

- We only accept prefixes with route objects at one of the RIRs, no RADB/ALTDB/LEVEL3.

- We do not require RPKI signing, but it cannot be Invalid.

- No ratio or traffic level requirements.

- Common location, either an IX or a facility we share

We (usually) do not cover costs for crossconnects for private peerings.

Please contact for private peering or tunnels, on IXs please simply enable routeservers on your side.

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