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This page applies to:

- Free PA IPv6 space

- PA IPv6 space included with ASNs

- Rented IPv4/IPv6 space

PA: PA IP space will be, as far as RIR possible, sub-delegated to user handles, in eg. RIPE inet(6)num objects this includes the “country:” and if desired “geoloc:” fields. Thus the IP space is correctly geolocated per industry standard.

Geolocation databases as MaxMind import data from often unknown/undisclosed, old and sometimes plainly wrong sources plus publicly available RIR/3rd party data and merge it to provide an overview that is often not reflecting reality.

Our “base” blocks allocated by RIRs (usually /32 to /29) have various geolocations as desired by us internally (eg. we have a Belarus subnet) and if a geolocation database desires to show the larger blocks geolocation data instead of the customer inet(6)num/data we do not have any control over this.

Please contact this database providers directly to possibly resolve this issues; we do not provide any support in any related matter.

RIPE PI/Other RIR End-user: As PI IP space is assigned directly by the RIR we have absolutely no control over what data will be shown in geolocation databases. We do not guarantee any geolocation or provide any support in any related matter. This also applies for ASNs.

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