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We do not export/provide any services/products to the following countries.

No export means if you or your company are based in one of these countries or the datacenter/upstream you use is we will not service you. In rare cases we can apply to receive an export license but this is costly, please contact for more informations.

* Sudan

* South Sudan

* Syria

* Bahrain

* Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea)

* Somalia

* Gaza

* Companies and natural persons with address or incorporation in Russian occupied Crimea

Further we do not provide paid services to persons/companies residing in this countries/areas, primarily as money transfers from these to Israeli companies or dealing with Israel entirely is illegal on their or Israeli (rare) side.

Few are due to political issues possible for us or due to public image in Israel possibly causing our company substantial damage when dealing with, these are marked as [P] for public disclosure, but we will not provide more detailed informations why.

* Afghanistan

* Brunei

* Bangladesh

* Pakistan

* Malaysia

* Central African Republic

* Myanmar/Burma

* Qatar [P]

* Iraq

* Kuwait

* Lebanon [P]

* Libya

* Saudi-Arabia

* Yemen [P]

* Islamic Republic of Iran [P]

* United Arab Emirates

* Egypt

* Israel occupied Golan heights

* Palestine/PA controlled West Bank areas (A and B), not including Gaza

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